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Tools to support e-learning

Below is presented the list of tools that can be used to support distance learning.

Office 365 - modern tool that meets the needs of both academics and students. It is cloud-based, so you can access your apps and files almost from anywhere - PC, Mac, smartphone or other mobile devices.

Your Office 365 account lets you keep in touch with employees and students of the University of Silesia in Katowice. Office 365 accounts are free of charge. To create a personal account in Office 365, you need to have an e-mail address registered in the USOS system. To get access to Office 365 
use the instruction manual.

Office 365 offers free access to e-mail inbox, network drive and latest versions of Microsoft Office cloud package. Due to the fact that the service does not require installation of any software to perform the basic tasks, it can be used at the university and away. 

Sway - Office 365 app that allows to create engaging and attractive content for presentations, newsletters and training materials. Thanks to Sway, each employee and student of the University of Silesia can: 

  • easily combine texts, images, video clips and other content in interactive online format
  • use colour systems and patterns created by designers, or let Sway suggest design elements matching the content
  • search and import appropriate content from other sources, e.g. YouTube, image banks, etc.
  • share completed sways online

You can use the tutorial and Tutorials to create your first sway.

Sway is a great solution to present different types of content. Its advantage is that it adjusts dynamically to each device and enables to share or edit content together using a simple URL address.

Quizizz - intuitive tool for creating quizzes that will work well to check knowledge or summarise a particular thematic block.  

Quizizz is an online platform which provides the possibility to create your own quizzes or use the already existing ones. Quizzes can be carried out during classes to check the acquired material, or prepare for the following subject. The tool has a “class” creating module, which makes it easier to share and carry out quizzes for the entire group of students. A great advantage of Quizizz is that students can solve the prepared test individually either on desktops or on mobile devices - all they need is access to Internet.

Tool features:

  • option to create quizzes matching the subjects of classes,
  • option to use ready-made quizzes shared by other users,
  • objective measurement of students’ knowledge,
  • option of setting response time to each question, as well as option of setting test availability time for students,
  • game participants see their results on the screen (number of correct and incorrect answers),
  • This is a form that involves students and increases the attractiveness of the subject taught

Tutorials are available on the tool website.

Mobile app Quizizz for: - tool for creating thought maps. Thought maps are a visual tool supporting the division of complex subjects into smaller, more understandable parts. They are great for sharing information and better understanding of complex subjects. 

Coggle has both free and paid version. This is an ideal tool to organise one’s thoughts and cooperation, because a map can be created by several dozen people at the same time. All you need to log on the website is the Google account. 

Tool features:

  • Simple presentation and sharing of complex information 
  • Effective learning method for students 
  • Engaging form of cooperation in a group 
  • Ideal form both for presenting the effects of work and solving research problems.
  • The basic system features are free and sufficient to carry out online classes with students.

Coggle mobile app for:

Tutorial - 

Lime Survey - online survey system. It allows its users to develop and publish multiple surveys, as well as collect and analyse answers provided by the respondents.

Tool features:

  • users may use formatted text in questions and answers using a text editor,
  •  photos and videos can be included in the survey,
  • template can be edited (survey layout and structure),
  • templates can be imported and exported easily through the template editor,
  • user may activate or deactivate the prepared survey,
  • questions can imported and exported through the programme editor,
  • unlimited number of surveys,
  • no limitation in the number of questions in a survey or number of respondents,
  • various forms of questions (multiple choice, text input, drop-down lists, number input, scroll bar, yes/no questions),
  • questions can be arranged on a two-dimensional matrix, with the option of basing questions from one axis on questions from another axis,
  • questions may depend on the results of other questions (e.g. a respondent may be asked about the means of transport used for commuting, if they answered “yes” to the question about having a job).

Screencast-o-matic - software for recording sound and screen content to create video films (for example short lectures or course guides). This tool can be either used online or downloaded and installed on your computer. 

Tool features:

  • Teachers can record short screencasts (up to 15 minutes) using the free version of ScreenCast-O-matic. This tool will be particularly appreciated by those who like to combine learning online, offline, in a class and in a reverse class.
  • Screenasts can be used for multiple educational tasks, including to give guidance, provide content, analyse texts, solve problems, etc.
  • This tool is easy to use. Once you install and launch the software, you can indicate the area whose content will be recorded - this may be either the whole screen or its part. After indicating the area, click the record button - all operations on your computer and user voice will be recorded.

Loom - software for recording sound and screen content to create video films. This is an extension to Chrome browser, which we install as a plug-in. Using this recorder, it is easy to record a high-quality video and share it with students.

Tool features:

  • It offers a simple and intuitive interface. 
  • One-click recording and copying link to clipboard automatically.
  • You can add comments or notes in the film at any time.
  • It is free to use and allows you to save films in .mp4 format.

It requires to create a user account via Google, Facebook or e-mail address.

Tutorial -

Padlet - virtual board that allows to publish texts, links and photos for students.  The website has a Polish language version and requires logging in.  You need to have a Google or Facebook account to join the app community. 

Tool features:

  • possibility to create digital resources in different subjects
  • possibility to carry out simple competitions/quizzes on the platform
  • easy link-sharing enables fast cooperation
  • option of managing access for others
  • possibility to add content from any location (YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Vimeo and other online sources)

Zoom - platform in English that allows for free meetings for groups up to 50 people.  The tool is available in free and paid version. An online meeting in free version may last up to 40 minutes. 

Tool features:

  • HD quality image
  • possibility to join a meeting from conference terminals 
  • the participants also have a chat at their disposal

Click Meeting - platform for webinars and video conferences based on a browser, working on all devices regardless of the operating system.

Apart from the version for browsers, mobile app for Android and iOS is also available. The chat feature is translated to 52 languages. Apart from standard functions, such as image and sound transmission, ClickMeeting offers e.g. automatic webinars, webinars on demand, paid webinars, tool for presenting slides, images and videos, as well as sharing desktop, also allowing to view documents and cooperate. 

Kahoot - Kahoot! is a free game-based learning platform, which offers the lecturers an interesting solution to test the learning progress of their students.

Tool features:

  • evaluation of the understanding of subjects taught, thanks to which it is possible to indicate reliably which content was not understood or acquired.
  • verification of the understanding of new content after completing the exercises.
  • students can create “Kahoots” for other students and explain answers to the questions which they prepared.

Socrative - tool for online tests in real time using smartphones/tablets/PC.

The teacher needs to create an account (on Socrative Teacher) to prepare multiple choice tests, true/false tests or surveys. They can also ask questions to summarise classes (the so-called exit-ticket, e.g. „On a scale from 1–10, how well did you understand the class today?”)

Students should install the Socrative Student in their smartphones. Socrative can be used on a PC in WWW browser. Test results are displayed in the form of a graph on the screen. You can also download a report in Excel spreadsheet, or share the tests with other teachers.

In the free version, participants can be divided into maximum 10 teams (up to 50 people can take part in a quiz at the same time), and then there may be a competition between the teams.

The teacher may e.g. conduct a vote, test, survey or educational game with the whole group (using laptops, smartphones or tablets), work with a laptop and have a preview of all results, as well as receive feedback regarding the understanding of classes.


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